Miners.eu Review — Despicable Seller

The first malicious crypto mining equipment seller that I have set my eyes upon is Miners.eu. There are many acts and practices of theirs that are beyond malevolent and ill-natured and we are going to be showcasing them below, so that everyone can know what we are dealing with. I have made numerous orders from them, and every time something goes wrong, and not just a minor thing at that. Many times, the machines that I have ordered from them have gone missing, were not as described in the listing or were delivered faulty and with missing parts. After a few of these cases I have decided to no longer have any kind of business with them.

We have many points to cover, so let’s begin with the refurbished, faulty and downright broken equipment that they are selling.

This leads me to my second point, dropshipping.

Now onto my third point, warrant.

When it comes to their online presence and opinions about them, things get worse.

Regarding their service and support.

In conclusion I have only one thing to say about miners.eu: Stay away, it is not worth the trouble and your mental health to be dealing with them. Beware.

My job here is to warn you and everyone else of all the malicious websites in the crypto mining world. From fake resellers to manufacturers impersonators.